Full Menu

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit but intelligence is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.."
  Soup Of the Day "Recipe from the Soup Bible"     95kc
  Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings (8 Pieces)     205kc
  Garlic Bread topped with Fresh Parmesan Cheese (veg.)     115kc
  Garlic Bread topped with Melted Irish Cheddar Cheese (veg.)     130kc
  Fully Loaded Potato Skins with Melted Cheddar and Crispy Bacon     210kc
  Main Courses      
  Roast Chicken with Sage and Onion Stuffing and Homemade Gravy.     349kc
  Shepherd's Pie - It's our own homemade recipe, topped with mashed potato and melted Irish Cheddar Cheese and served with either side salad or french fries.     330kc
  Irish Stew - The World Famous Irish Lamb Stew. This one is madeto an old recipe and is served with mashed potato or crusty fresh bread.     355kc
  Caffreys Curry - Spicy Chicken Madras with Basmati Rice & Poppadum     345kc
  Prime Fillet Beef - Served with fresh vegetables and Jameson Irish Whiskey Sauce.     465kc
  Traditional Fish and Chips (cod) -  Served with tartare sauce and mushy pea's     345kc
  "The Beef Burger"     299kc
  "The Classic Burger" with melted Irish Cheddar & Crispy Irish Bacon      349kc
  "Spicy Mexican Burger" topped with Spicy Beans & Homemade Salsa     345kc
  "Caffreys Gourmet Burger" melted Irish Cheddar, Crispy Irish Bacon, Fried Egg & Onion Rings served with Chunky Chips and Homemade Coleslaw     399kc
  "The Veggie Burger" Served in Sesame Seed Bun with Chunky Chips & Coleslaw     275kc
  Full Irish Breakfast- "Imported" from Ireland - Irish Bacon, Irish Sausages, Black & White Pudding, Fried Egg's, Grilled Tomato and Hash Brown's     310kc
  .....................with Heinz Baked Beans   +32kc  
  .....................with Grilled Mushrooms   +32kc  
  Bangers & Mash -   Irish Sausages with Mashed Potato, Gravy and Caramelised Onions     290kc
  Nacho's Topped with Salsa, Vegetables and Soured Cream     299kc
  .......................with chicken     345kc
  .......................with beef     345kc
  .......................with Chicken & Beef     360kc
  Pasta Of The Day - Changes Daily please ask waitress for details     275kc
  .......................with Small Greeen Salad   +49kc  
  Fluffy Omelettes      
  ......................Ham and Cheddar Cheese     249kc
  Caffreys Salad's      
  Caesar Salad (vegeterian)     280kc
  Caeser Salad with Tender Marinated Chicken     345kc
  Irish Smoked Salmon Salad     360kc
  *** All accompanied by Potato Crisps and a Salad Garnish ***      
  (Would you like your sandwich toasted?? ....+10kc)      
  Irish Cheddar Cheese and Branston Pickle (veg)     175kc
  Baked Ham and Irish Cheddar Cheese     185kc
  Open Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese      215kc
  Steak Sandwich with Fried Onion and Mustard     299kc
  Irish Bacon Sandwich     199kc
  Irish Sausage Sandwich     199kc
  Italian Chicken Sandwich with Rosemary and Parmesan     199kc
  Chip Buttie     150kc
  Side Dishes      
  Mashed Potato     74kc
  Chunky French Fries     74kc
  Heinz Baked Beans     69kc
  Onion Rings     58kc
  Fried Mushrooms     69kc
  Seasonal Fresh  Salad     129kc
  Garlic Bread topped with Fresh Parmesan     115kc
  Garlic Bread topped with Melted Irish Cheddar Cheese     130kc
  Ice Cream Selection     135kc
  Homemade Apple Pie     135kc
  Bailey's Cheesecake     145kc



Private Parties at Caffrey's
Is it your Birthday, Anniversary, Family Reunion, Divorce Party ???
At Caffrey's we can cater for private parties for up to 140 guests, we can customise menu's according to your needs and budget, feel free to contact us at info@caffreys.cz for more information.
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